Morse Code training for the beginner
An interest in Morse Code prompted this  presentation of an Introduction to Morse Code.

           The training aid for this CW class will be the "Gordon West" Morse Code 0 - 5 WPM Teacher.

This is a two CD audio set narrated & recorded by Gordon West.

The method used, Rapid "Farnsworth" Spacing.  Fast code characters eliminates plateaus while learning.

A Standard for Morse Timing Using the Farnsworth Technique

Additional links related to learning and using Morse Code:


SKCC GROUP    History of the SKCC

              The SKCC was started on Jan. 2, 2006, from a QRZ message-board thread, just after the ARRL SKN event.

            Here is the original post by Tom SKCC #1:

           "Do it the 1st of each month starting at 0000Z and going until ?? Start your own SKCC club. 100 Q's with a SK

            in a year gets a certificate. "Ah the heck with it...I'm officially starting the SKCC club...PM me if you

            want a SKCC number, I'll start compiling a database."de KC9ECI SKCC-001"

            Later that same day the first SKCC Webpage was created and can be viewed here.


            SKCC Group “Beginners Corner” 

           Welcome to the SKCC's Beginner's Corner, even if you've been licensed for a while! We've pulled together

           some basic information to help you  join the fun of using manually generated Morse code. Feel free to scroll

           through this page sequentially. Or use the mini menu at the bottom of this introduction to skip to the section

           that looks like it will answer an immediate question. Over time, you may find you'd like to try other club-approved

          types of non-electronic keys. These include semi-automatic keys known as "bugs" or single-lever, side-to-side

          keys known as side-swippers or cooties. But for now, we'll assume you've picked up a classic straight key,

          have learned basic letters and numbers**, and are ready to go.


            Straight Key Century Club Anniversary Celebration

              K3Y, the Straight Key Century Club's annual January celebration, commemorates the club's founding

            following the American Radio Relay League's Straight Key Night in January 2006. A small group of participants

            wanted to extend the fun of SKN. The SKCC is the result. 


                       FOR ADDITIONAL INFO:  Contact Rick Smith (K0KEX)

call: 816-392-0952