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Paul L. Herrman N0NBH

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FSQCall Program V0.24.6 older US Edition


We are a group of radio amateurs in and near
Platte County, MO
who get together on a regular basis
for the purpose of
fellowship, socially redeeming
activities, emergency communications training,
and just plain old fun.

Club Meeting:

Last Saturday of Month 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Location: (
In Person) Northland Regional Ambulance District
1000 Platte Falls Road Platte City, MO 64079
** Talk-in is on the 147.33 + Repeater Tone 151.4

Location: (Zoom)
Contact: Steve KC0YSY or for link

Platte County Amateur Radio Group Meeting Calendar 2024

January 27       Meeting 9 AM    

February 24     Testing 7:30 AM   Meeting 9 AM

March 23          Meeting 9 AM  

      **** April 20    SHRINE HAM FEST

 April 27       Annual Picnic

Testing 9:30 AM   11 AM - Noon Picnic Setup 

12:00 enjoy a Pot luck lunch  and activities  Close 3:00 PM

 May 25         Meeting 9 AM

           ****   ARRL Field Day is June 22-23, 2024  

 June 29        Testing  7:30 AM   Meeting 9 AM  

 July 27          Meeting 9 AM

 August 24    Testing 7:30 AM  Meeting 9 AM                            

 September 28    Meeting 9 AM

 October 26         Testing 7:30 AM  Meeting 9 AM

 November 23      Meeting 9 AM   

 December 28      Annual PCARG Breakfast meeting

A popular event

ARRL Amateur News
April 12 th 2300 UTC
Death Valley National Park is in a remote desert in southern California, where mobile phone networks are spotty at best. On Saturday, April 6, a radio amateur and his family were enjoying the park when their vehicle became stuck in mud in a dangerous area…
April 12 th 1910 UTC
Millions of people across the United States got to see a rare solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024.The path of totality -- the line of darkness where the moon fully occluded the sun -- stretched through the South Pacific, Mexico, central Texas, the Ozar…
April 12 th 1547 UTC
I did not see last Monday's eclipse, except on television. Here inthe Pacific Northwest, we only got a 20% exposure, and skies wereovercast.As they moved across the country displaying successive totality, Inoticed the prominences on the edge of the disk. …


The 147.330+ repeater is the official Skywarn repeater for
Platte County 
and back up to the Northland ARES repeater 

Club Voice NET:
2m Voice Net: Tuesdays 7:30 pm
NET Callsign: NR0AD

Operates on 147.33 + WA0QFJ Repeater

Tone 151.4

FSQCALL fldigi Learning Net:
Sundays 8:00 pm (Northland ARES)
Operates on 147.33 + Repeater

Tone 151.4

Training Resources

CW Training

Northland ARES Training