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Welcome to FSQCALL-KC



The FSQCALL-KC group has teamed up with the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Council to form procedures and guidelines for building a metro wide high speed digital network.

Below is a work in progress and is subject to change.  

Please check back often as our effort unfolds

FSQCall-MO HF weekly digital net Thursday 10am 3598 usb primary

WORK IN PROGRESS    1-17-2018


  • Provide digital communications support when Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) is activated for two or more counties  
  • Each participating county/agency shall have autonomony over its own local digital network
  • Where beneficial, an agency may be serviced by its local county 
  • Using the fldigi suite of programs (fldigi/flmsg/flamp) to accomplish support
  • Using Narrow Band Emergency Messaging (NBEMS) ICS, HICS, CSV, and custom forms
  • From natural to man-made disasters, digital communications augments, not replacing voice  


  • To provide a high speed digital network for NBEMS traffic
  • To training required
  • To use standard hardware, and software configuration
  • To be easy to set up
  • To be built with available “off the shelf” equipment


To provide procedures and guidelines for amateur radio operators, to assist with emergency and normal communications links to served agencies and affiliated organizations, including, but not limited to:

  • City/County Emergency Operations Centers
  • American Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • National Weather Service
  • Kansas City Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Team
  • Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)
  • Kansas State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC)
  • Public service and disaster relief organizations and affected areas of the Kansas City metro area during ARES activation.

Why Digital

  • Text can be easier and sent with greater accuracy
    • Evacuees list
    • Prescription medication list
    • Weather bulletins and information
    • Lengthy Reports
    • Directions to a scene
    • Information already in digital form
    • The use of digital and  compression provides unencrypted transmission of sensitive information
    • Staying current and offering more than just voice communications


  • The Amateur Radio Service in the United States is governed under the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially called Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 97.
  • Specifically, in Part 97.1a (revised October 1, 2008) the FCC rules recognize that a fundamental purpose of the Amateur Radio Service is to provide voluntary communication service to the public with respect to emergency communications.
  • In support of this, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is part of the field organization administered by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) for the public good, and is designed to provide communications services to agencies.  Any amateur radio operator with a desire to assist in an emergency is encouraged to register and participate.


The nets are designed to have discussions, send-receive test traffic and enjoy the experience of learning.  Novice to advanced learners welcome.

  • Wednesdays 8:30pm 146.970 repeater  no tone (Jackson County)
  • Sundays 8pm 147.330 repeater 151.4 tone  (Northland ARES, Clay and Platte Counties)

Equipment Required

  • Amateur Radio(s) capable of transmitting and receiving on specified bands
  • Coax and antenna(s) capable for above radio(s)
  • SignaLink USB sound card(s) interface with proper cabling to radio
  • Laptop or desktop computer with monitor
  • Optional thumb drive containing all fldigi/ flmsg/flamp programs and configurations settings 

Operational Concepts

  • Voice shall be used for calling and acknowledging traffic
  • The ARQ transfer process will be used when traffic must be one hundred percent accurate

FSQCALL-Fldigi-Flmsg Learning Net

Northland ARES (Clay-Platte)

Sunday 8:00pm 147.330 + open

All within range of repeater welcome

fldigi training

Jackson County ARES

Wednesday 8:30pm  146.970 - open

FSQCall-KC         FSQCall-MO

contact KA0OTL@yahoo.com